Aloe Epil cream for painless hair removal from intimate areas

Aloe Epil — cream for painless hair removal from intimate areas

Aloe Epil is a hair removal cream for intimate and sensitive areas (underarms). Its main difference from the analogues is the ability to moisturize the skin. In addition to removing the hairs natural formula that nourishes and heals the epidermis. The main component of the product is the miraculous aloe Vera.

Buy Aloe Epil hair removal, beauticians recommend that women with dry, sensitive, problematic skin. Unlike shaving, it slows down the rate of lengthening of the hair, maintaining perfect smoothness of the dermis for a few days. The tool is not able to injure the skin, cause irritation.

Waxing — women’s burden

Even women who had a thin and light hair have to regularly visit a beautician to remove them on intimate parts of the body. If the legs and hands can be, “clenched teeth”, to wax or the epilator, in the armpits and bikini area it is desirable to use more gentle methods. Aloe Epil created in order to simplify this procedure.

One could argue that shaving is the cheapest and painless alternative to any types of body hair removal. It is not, because the blades are scratch and sometimes cut through the skin, which can lead to the development of irritation and even infectious processes. Experts insist that waxing should not hurt the skin. This is confirmed by the feedback from doctors about Aloe Epil.

Features of the cream-depilatory

Remedy smells good, has a thick consistency. Attached is a special blade for application to the skin. One tube is enough for several applications. Knowing where to buy depilatory cream Aloe Epil, you will acquire the composition, wherein:

  1. naturalness. It is completely safe for the body;
  2. nutritional value. The product has the ability to moisturize and repair the epidermis;
  3. efficiency. The result of the first procedure may last up to 2 weeks. In the future it will improve.

Cost Aloe Epil hair removal underarms and bikini area justifies its uniqueness.

Soothing ingredients formula

The concentration of alkaline compounds that destroy the hair stems in this product are very low. It basically contains components that can neutralize harmful effects on the skin of those substances. The composition of natural remedies Aloe Epil from unwanted hair added:

  • panthenol. Will heal any damage present on the treated area of the body;
  • aloe Vera. Its juice can soften the skin, engorged of moisture and protect from bacteria;
  • the argan. Extracted from its seeds oil is full of vitamins. It nourishes, smoothens and regenerates epidermis.

Learning to use Aloe Epil for underarms and bikini zone, as recommended by the manufacturer, and you will be able to abandon the use of soothing lotion after depilation.

The Aloe Epil

The tool operates simultaneously in 2 directions. Alkaline components destroy the structure of the hair stems, and bulbs. After a few applications they are capable of long time to stop hair growth in the underarms and genitals, which is confirmed by reviews about the Aloe cream Epil depilatory.

Moisturizing ingredients help to hydrate the epidermis — they are concentrated in the upper layers. Nutritional compounds penetrate more deeply without leaving an oily sheen on the surface of the skin. So the cream removes hair at the same time, protects the dermis from aggressive components.

Recommendations for use

Before using the product to test the reaction of the epidermis to its composition. For this minimal amount of cream applied to the area of the wrist or elbow. After 5-10 minutes wash it with warm water, and the next day check the treated area for visible changes (rashes, redness, flaking). Upon detection of an allergic reaction remedy cannot be used.

Instruction for Aloe Epil epilator contains the following recommendations:

  1. during the hours before and after the procedure can not sunbathe;
  2. to waxing the skin is prepared by washing;
  3. the product is applied to dry the dermis with a spatula;
  4. it needs to be spread in a thick even layer, but not to RUB;
  5. remove cream and hair with a spatula in 3-10 minutes (longer is impossible to hold);
  6. rinse the treated area of skin with warm water. During the day, excluded the use of alcohol-based disinfecting agents.

It is unacceptable to apply on the moles, the places where varicose veins, there are open lesions. The manufacturer recommends to buy the cream for diabetics. The maximum frequency of its usage: 1 every 4 days.

Product benefits

Real reviews about Aloe Epil hair in the bikini area and armpits — best way to find out what advantages has the product. Its advantages:

  • volume. One tube is enough for several applications;
  • efficiency. The result can be stored from several days to several weeks;
  • ideal for home use. Comfortable independent application;
  • cost. Deciding to buy Aloe cream Epil epilator, you are acquiring and caring for the skin;
  • the painless procedure. To obtain a quality result without discomfort and pain.

The product cleans the hair of any lengths and thicknesses, suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

The opinion of the beautician

This is a universal hair removal cream. It can be used by women with any skin type, hair quality. It is both purifying, protective and soothing composition. Makes hair removal painless and quality.

Where it is possible to order?

In a drugstore to buy Aloe Epil for bikini area and underarms not. The application should be left on the website of the developer. Item will be mailed without payment. It’s gonna take no longer than 14 days. Price of Aloe cream Epil hair from armpits and bikini area, ask the Manager of the seller.

The price of Aloe Epil should be clarified on the website of the manufacturer.

Reviews of Aloe Vera cream Epil


“Incredible cream! 5 minutes no hairs. The skin is not red, and soft became.”


“I use Aloe Epil regularly. The smoothness of the skin is maintained up to 5 days”.


“My skin is very dry and peels off frequently. Aloe Epil is the only epilator that suits me.”

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