Bellona serum for hair growth

Bellona serum for hair growth

New serum Bellona is a real godsend for girls. Long-term experiments over the hair do not go unnoticed. They leave behind a scorched, lifeless strands, split ends. In the worst case – enhanced breakage and hair loss. To cope with these and many other problems, enough to buy a hair serum Bellona.

Not all funds are able to exert a pronounced effect. Plus popular recipes that you love to resort in the first place is their low cost and use readily available materials. But often the effect is temporary or comes after a long period. Salon treatments are very expensive. But they often only mask the problem. The cost of hair Bellona makes it affordable for most women.

The reasons for the poor state

The condition of hair depends on external and internal factors. Refusal to wear headgear in the heat and cold, frequent use of hot blow-drying, other methods for forming a hairstyle affects the appearance. Affects choice cosmetic skin funds. Many of them contain substances that negatively affect the condition of hair follicles, strands dry up and lose their Shine. Those who decided to buy a hair serum Bellona, you can forget about those consequences.

On the growth rate affects the balanced nutrition, General health, presence of endocrine diseases and circulatory disorders. Each hair follicle has its own innervation, which connects it with the Central nervous system. Therefore, during stress affects the nerves and begins to thin out hair. Reviews about the serum Bellona say that it copes even with hard cases.

The therapeutic properties of the drug

Low price drug Bellona to improve the growth of hair allows you to obtain remedy with the following effects:

  • accelerates the growth of the strands;
  • moisturizes and nourishes the scalp and the hair;
  • strengthens, gives Shine and radiance.

How does Bellona

Components are divided into day and night portions. Effect each of them differently:

  1. “Day” — stops the action of enzymes and other substances that stimulate loss of hair.
  2. “Night” — improves metabolic processes, blood circulation and nutrition of hair follicles, accelerates growth.


In the composition of Bellona natural substances that do not harm the hair follicles and help them recover:

  • was aminexil 1.5 percent strengthens the roots, improves nutrition of hair follicles and promotes rapid growth;
  • Minoxidil affects the condition of the hair follicles, inhibits the hair loss existing hair and accelerates the formation of new;
  • arginine penetrates the hair shaft, improves its structure, makes up for the defects;
  • vitamin PP improves microcirculation, dilates blood vessels and speeds up the growth of tresses;
  • vitamin B6, or pyridoxine, restores hair follicles, stimulates cell division.

Herbal ingredients in the remedies are aimed at improving the condition of the scalp, eliminating the symptoms of dandruff. They have antiseptic properties, gives sparkle and Shine to your curls.

Clinical studies

Real reviews about concentrate Bellona confirmed in clinical trials of the drug. It was attended by several thousand women of all ages. The results showed that 95% disappeared split ends. 90% of women saw the rapid growth of the strands. In 93% of the structure of the hair has improved, what has been verified by means of tests.

The opinion of doctors

To use the tool recommended by experts in the field of dermatology. Reviews of doctors-trichologists on Bellona is based on the repeated appointment of the drug women with problem hair. The result of regular use is a healthy scalp, voluminous and thick hair and long locks.

Advantages over other means

Bellona remedy for hair growth impossible to buy in the drugstore. Selling through the official website of the seller will protect against counterfeiting.
Whey is considerably better to other means. Lamination gives only a temporary effect. Those who used to build curls, I noticed that its become even worse. Therefore, to use the right cosmetic is the only right decision.

Method of application

Guide to Bellona for the growth of hair on the head provides the following recommendations for use:

  1. In the morning after waking up to get out of the package the serum with a badge “day”.
  2. Evenly distribute on the scalp, slightly massaging until it is absorbed.
  3. Do not rinse.
  4. Repeat before bedtime manipulation with the tube is marked with “night”.

Duration of use individual, the course can be repeated as many times as required by the condition of the hair. The price of the means of Bellona, when the hair makes it available. Long courses will not hit the pocket.

Where to buy

After you go to the official website of the seller where you can buy Bellona hair will need filling in the order form. After some time, the buyer will contact the Manager. Before you order the tool Bellona, it will update all the data. Payment occurs after delivery by courier or mail.

The price of Bellona can be found on the website of the manufacturer.

Reviews about the serum Bellona

Kira, 23 years, Moscow:

Ruined my hair with frequent coloring, blow-drying and Ironing. The ends were split, the tone became dull, the hair resembles a sponge. According to the girlfriend ordered the Bellona. After a few weeks of use has become a noticeable result, there was a Shine and smoothness.

Sveta, 24 years old, Lipetsk:

I really wanted a long braid, but for some reason she did not grow, the maximum length was to the shoulder blades and all. Ordered Bellona, but not a month. Of course, before the contest “Beauty – long braid” is far, but about 10 cm of growth is already noticeable.

Maya, 21 years old, Tver:

My hair has always lacked the thickness. After using the serum was much better, the volume increases. Even the appearance has changed, there was a brilliance.

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