Hello, lovely ladies! I present to You a review of a wonderful ultra concealer Foundation Dermacol (Dermacol). This product is not a novelty, and for a long time occupies a leading position on the world market of cosmetics, so if You are not familiar with the cream, then now is the time to correct this omission. Reviews about it entirely positive!

I think that after reading my review, You will definitely want to buy baby cream Dermacol for yourself, and you will be absolutely right!

My review will be at the end, and I would now like to elaborate on the brand and features of the product.



Girls know that the secret to a good makeup is the perfect face of a beautiful uniform color and without visible defects. If the skin has the scars, bruises, wounds, vascular mesh, dark spots, pimples, redness and other imperfections, in this case, can not do without a good mascara.

This product must successfully perform two main functions: to even out skin tone and disguise flaws. In addition, the tool has been durable and remained on the skin throughout the day, because there’s nothing worse than floated and skativshiesya makeup. It is also important that the concealer did not create the effect of a lifeless mask on the face, because beauty should be natural! And he should not clog the pores and cause an allergic reaction, as health is paramount.

One of the best creams in the world market of cosmetics is considered to be the legendary cream of the Czech brand Dermacol. Its unique formula was developed in the sixties of the last century with the participation of artists of the Prague film studios Barrandov. The cream did well in the process of creating make-up for film and photography, stage productions and fashion shows, and soon the license for its production was sold to Hollywood.

The product quickly gained popularity among professional makeup artists, and after receipt in wide sale it was valued and an ordinary woman doing makeup for yourself. A distinctive feature of this Foundation is its incredible covering ability, which is achieved due to the high pigmentation, which means able to conceal not only small color defects of the skin, but moles, bright spots, and even tattoos.In addition, the cream Dermacol meets all the requirements of good Foundation, which enabled this product to become a real beauty bestseller.


Cream Dermacol ultra the masking effect is a cosmetic product with a thick and dense texture and a pleasant sweet smell. Color cream – light beige. The concealer comes in a shiny metallic tubes Golden color without dispenser bottle with cap. The tuba is the inscription “DERMACOL Filmstudio Barrandov Prague” in black font. Tank volume – 30 ml. Cream is sold in branded boxes made from high quality cardboard and decorated in black, pink and gold colours. The packaging looks elegant and expensive.


  • The cream consists of the following components:
  • Persistent and high-quality dyes – give the tool the desired shade;
  • The wax provides water resistance of the product;
  • The thickener creates a dense opaque texture;
  • The emulsifier is responsible for the uniformity of the cream;
  • Flavor – gives the cream a pleasant fragrance.
  • The product does not contain silicones, preservatives, parabens and any other harmful substances.


The color palette of Foundation with an ultra masking effect Dermacol is very wide and includes as many as 13 shades indicated by numbers. It has tones that are suitable for very light, light, medium, tanned and dark skin. If necessary, you can mix several shades of Foundation to get the most suitable color.


  • Waterproof makeup made with cream Dermacol, not afraid of rain and snow, in addition, with it you can safely swim in the sea or a pool;
  • Hypoallergenic – cream is dermatologically tests that confirm that it does not cause allergies and irritation and is safe even for sensitive skin;
  • Persistent – well kept on the skin for for, not rolled and does not leak;
  • Sunscreen (SPF 30) protects skin from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation (age spots, premature aging);
  • Economical – just one peas cream enough to cover them all over the face and the whole tube is enough for two years of use;
  • Suitable for any skin type.


Tonal cream Dermacol can be used in two ways:

  • For masking skin defects – acne, bruises, redness, scratches, moles, scars, age spots;
  • For clearing the complexion and give the skin perfect before a photo shoot, a video or an event.

In the first case, squeeze drop of cream from the tube, apply it on areas where there are gaps that need to hide, and lightly hammer the tool into the skin with fingertips.
In the second case, on the skin you should apply a moisturizer or a special base under makeup.

Next you need to squeeze a small amount of Foundation and spread it around the face with a thin even layer. For shading it is better to use a sponge or a cosmetic brush. After this the skin can be powdered.

Also, the cream Dermacol can be applied to the body for camouflaging scars, bruises and tattoos and make the skin tanned or lighter shade.


My acquaintance with the cream Dermacol took quite a long time. Imagine I’m preparing for a very important event – graduation at the Institute. Dress, shoes, and jewelry purchased, the hair is selected, all the details thought to detail, and suddenly a few days before the awaited event, I Wake up with red allergic spots on my face.

My despair knew no bounds! To hide such defects was either under the power of any tonal cream, and I began to think that he did not go to prom, but then I was rescued by mom. She was able to get the magic cream Dermacol, and this tube has become my salvation. Using this tool I managed very well to even out skin tone. Surprisingly, but the redness remained even a hint, and his face was like a porcelain doll.

While the cream did not create the effect of dense air-tight mask, but on the contrary, almost not felt on the skin, and is kept until the evening. The holiday was great and I looked great on it, and cream Dermacol since then I have started a passionate love that lasts to this day.

This product has not just helped me in similar situations. Every day I do not use it, but if something bad happens, a pimple, a bruise, a bug bite, Dermacol saves me. Believe me, there is no such defect, which he hadn’t done it! The only difficulty was that before this cream was very difficult to get, but now, fortunately, its free you can buy in the online store. Just before you make the order, you need to carefully study the color palette and the comments to it. Another small drawback is the absence of the dispenser on the neck of the tube.

If you’re not used to strong pressure, the cream will come out a lot, but it is necessary to adapt – and this fact does not cause discomfort. And, in General, Dermacol is a very good, solid and quality product, so I recommend it for purchase, especially if You have problem skin or on it there are stains and scars.

He even blurs the tattoo and is highly resistant to water!


  • High opacity;
  • Resistance;
  • Moisture resistance;
  • Efficiency;
  • Beautiful packaging;
  • The wide color palette;
  • Safe composition.

If You love high quality cosmetics and want to look absolutely – I advise to try cream Dermacol. You can buy it now at the bottom in the checked store without fraud and overpayments. I look forward to your reviews, friends!

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