Cream Dermacol Make-Up Cover

Few people can boast perfect skin. For masking visual defects created special tools to even skin tone, hide acne marks, black eyes or dark spots. It is necessary that the cosmetics are not turned face in heavy thick mask did not clog pores and is well kept throughout the day. Under these settings is the perfect cream Dermacol, which was appreciated even Hollywood makeup artists.

The properties of the cream

The wide popularity of this toner obtained after viral advertising: on the screen the girl easily puts cream on the tattoo and the skin in the end looks natural and healthy. To boast of such a result can not every toners. Before the producer had a specific task: to create a product that safely hide all imperfections will be tough and airy.

Dermacol cope with the following tasks:

  • eliminate dark circles under the eyes;
  • guarantees a tight and reliable coating;
  • removes traces after cleansing or peeling;
  • masks not only acne but also blemishes, scars, rosacea and burns.
Cream hypoallergenic: despite its density, it does not clog pores, does not cause irritation. In addition, the toners well “tolerate” the effects of humidity and hot weather, not flowing, not lubricated and does not leave marks on clothes. You can combine it with any other cosmetics.

Dermacol 50% of color pigments. It also contains a wax providing protection from the sun and moisture: if water droplets fall on the face, they will just roll without damaging the Foundation coating. The thickening agent imparts desired texture, and complements the product light perfume.

There are no silicones, parabens or preservatives, making use of the cream can even Allergy sufferers and people with very sensitive and problematic skin.

For whom it is recommended Dermacol

Originally cream was not created for conventional makeup. Dermacol was designed to qualitatively and stage makeup applied on set for photo shoots or critical outputs “in the light”.But thanks to its unique composition, allowing the cream to pass oxygen and does not clog the pores, the product is also suitable for everyday use “every day”.

Line tonalnikov consists of thirteen different options, the hues range from the very light to simulate a dark skin. If getting into natural complexion no, the manufacturer offers a “play” with the shades are allowed to mix 2-3 colors from the palette, getting a new unique shade.

The nuances of the application

Dermacol is available in a tube of small volume is only 30 ml, but thanks to economical consumption of resources goes a long way. Too much application will result in a mask on the face, but with the correct shading result will be natural.

  1. To your need as follows:
  2. The skin is thoroughly cleaned from the remnants of previous makeup and degreased. You just need to wash with a special gel or use tonic.
  3. For extra hydration apply a light cream or makeup base.
  4. The cream is applied on the skin using fingers or sponge. Possible point usage: the lightest shade need to disguise bruises under his eyes. Important quality shade tool to hide its borders.
  5. If you want to align the complexion, the cream goes on smoothly and blends for absorption.
  6. If necessary, apply powder on top or a means for fixing makeup, but usually Dermacol does not need them.

Shades of cream Dermacol Make-Up Cover

The manufacturer is ready to offer not only a wide palette of colors, but a whole range of toning. Each product has its own feature. The range includes:

  1. BB Magic Beauty — a hydrating and toning agent;
  2. Selfie — the Foundation and makeup base in one bottle;
  3. Wake cream with instant effect, moisturizing and gives the skin a slight glow;
  4. Imperial guarantees deep moisturizing of the skin for the whole day;
  5. Matt — water-resistant sunscreen;
  6. Acnecover — medium with tea tree oil, antiseptic and healing effect for oily skin;
  7. Make-Up Cover — ensures strong concealment and durability;
  8. 24h Control — a product that will last on the skin a day.

Choose the best tool easy enough. Resistant Make-Up Cover are presented in the following shades:

  • 208: the light pinkish hue;
  • 207: light beige-pink;
  • 209: light peach;
  • 210: ivory;
  • 211: light pink;
  • 213: natural beige;
  • 215: brown beige with pink tone;
  • 218: yellow-sand-tanning effect;
  • 221: dark cool beige;
  • 222: sandy tan;
  • 223: the effect of the Solarium;
  • 224: bronze-brown.

If you fail to choose the right tone, you can purchase two and mix them to achieve the desired shade.

The pros and cons

Wide popularity Dermacol received due to its numerous advantages, which include:

  • easy application;
  • fast and perfect tone;
  • the possibility of point-to mask the visual defect;
  • the natural radiance of the skin;
  • deep moisturizing;
  • water resistant;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • versatility;
  • “clean” the pores after using the cream.

The disadvantages include the relatively high cost. Dermacol can not be attributed to the products segment of the mass market. The cost of a small tube varies from 600 to 2000 rubles, and depends only on the seller. The hype there are many online retailers offering to buy the cream at a highly inflated price.

Another drawback of popularity — large number of fakes. Quality, which has real cream, they are not transmitted. Fake Crema does not guarantee a good tone and can trigger an allergic reaction. The original packaging has a holographic sticker with the inscription “Dermacol”.The tube is rough and heavy and the texture of the cream is dense.


Faith fell in Love with this cream at first sight. Went for a photo shoot, and makeup artist smeared me to them. Let you know the name, have been looking for a trusted seller… And now other tonal resources for me simply does not exist. Once took too light a shade, but on the face he looked “like a native”, and if it was necessary.

Kira: Dermacol is my best friend on vacation or at events. A long fight with hormonal acne. To cure them not work, and can hide easily. Sometimes I use the cream together with the powder, but need to pick up good or it will ruin the effect.

Victoria: When I saw the advertisement, I realized that here it is — the cream of my dreams. In his youth foolishly got a tattoo on his neck, and that the employer is not very happy. Use cream to disguise this peccadillo. Plus the fact that it lasts all day and does not leave marks on the collars.

Anastasia: Cosmetics are rare, but if you plan to hike somewhere in the heat or photo — dermacol without as without hands. No matter, under the bright sun or I’m under the hot lights, the face still perfect. Not flowing, lubricated, does not require further adjustments every five minutes.

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