Cream Foundation Dermacol Make-up Cover: where to buy, instructions for use

Women are still trying to find a universal remedy to hide blemishes and natural imperfections of the skin of the face. In the course are as recipes of traditional medicine and the creation of the chemical industry. If in the first case the creation of decorative cosmetics costs a lot of works on search and procurement of ingredients, the second afraid of the issue price and the impact of synthetic components on the epidermis. Is there a natural remedy having the properties as powder and Foundation funds? What is the impact of such cosmetics?What is cream Dermacol? Whether he is good or plenty of accolades, nothing more than a marketing ploy? Let’s understand this together.

Based on Dermacol can be purchased on the official website of the manufacturer:

Dermacol: history

Cosmetic Dermacol company known to generations of Russian consumers. The premiere production was presented in 1996 at the world exhibition for professionals of visage “Barrandov film”. Initially, the manufacturer has focused its products to market the film and photo industry.

The amazing properties of the product allows not only to mask the flaws and visual fatigue, but also can withstand many hours of lights and dramatic emotions, requires, often, long and sensual wailing. Admittedly, not many “dekorativka” able to withstand a busy schedule coupled with emotionality. A creamy base of that time simply “blurred” under the pressure of external factors. Many, but not Dermacol.

Time passed, and with it developed and the range of products of this brand. Created as a cosmetics professional makeup, this makeup came into use, many women around the world. And in addition to masking skin blemishes, the line was extended a caring and therapeutic products. Consider some of them.

The company’s products

Today, Dermacol has a wide range of tools, including not only decorative and care cosmetics for face and body, but also a number of perfume fragrances, earned the love of many women around the world. Consider the most popular on the Russian market of cosmetic products:

BB Magic Beauty

One of the most iconic vehicles that was specially developed for alignment of tone of the face and neck. Its formula is repeatedly improved and, at the moment, the product works in 8 directions. On the basis of reviews posted on websites, Russian consumers tonalka Dermacol especially fond of the combination masking and healing properties for problem skin. It is worth noting excellent results in disguise the black circles under the eyes. BB Magic Beauty has sunscreen properties.Foundation base does not lose functionality during exposure to direct sunlight, but also protects the skin, napitia its medicinal microelements.


Decorative cosmetic for professional makeup. It combines the functions of a base under makeup and toning properties. Experts say that its use as a basis, prevents glare effect Shine during photo shoots.

Wake and Make-up

Toning emulsion for instant action, perfectly complements evening makeup due to the effect of “the shining”. Many women who have tried this beauty product, claim that despite the immediate absorption, after treatment is no feeling of tightness.


Tool range of classic moisturizers-tonalnikov. Russian women who, based on statistical data, I prefer this cream in the following shades, rooms: 207; 208; 209; 210; 211; 212; 213; 221; 222; 223.


Tinting base that has a pronounced matting effect. The undoubted advantage of this tool is its water resistant texture.


Not only hide, but fighting the imperfections of problem skin. Part of the tea tree oil disinfects and “tightens” pores and scars, inherent in acne.

24h Control

The product has both a matte and therapeutic functions. Thanks to coenzyme Q13, the cream has nourishing, moisturizing and firming effect. Regular use 24h Control allows to restore the freshness of the face get rid age spots and long-term effects of lack of sleep.

Make-up Cover

Dermacol the Make-Up of the Carpet produced in volumes of 30 ml in a metal tube of cylindrical shape with Golden color. The capacity is in pink and black box.

Comparative characteristics of the products manufactured Demacol, it is the best mattifying qualities and highest durability regardless of the external influences on E.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Water resistant
  • Vysokomehanizirovannyh
  • Has a loose cover
  • Has SPF 30

Based on real reviews posted on websites, most popular among women used Foundation Dermacol Make-up Cover. But based on what data rave reviews? What are the distinctive features that distinguish Dermacol Cover among the galaxy of similar models with identical spectrum of effects? How to choose the right shade of Foundation Dermacol? Let’s understand this together.

To order original product in Moscow it is possible on the official website:


The composition of the Make-up Cover

One of the main benefits of the product that distinguish it among other “tonelok” is the absence in the composition silicones and preservatives. According to the results of dermatological research, which is any product of the company Dermacol, a cream Make-up, and other means of this brand, is completely hypoallergenic product that allows you to use it even those girls whose skin has high sensitivity.

Studying the composition, it can be concluded that a vast proportion, the percentage is over 50%, make color pigments. Due to this, just a few drops of Foundation to retouch not only the entire face but the neck, if necessary, exposed areas of the bust. Makeup artists use a similar technique to eliminate visual dissonance and achieve uniform shade on all exposed areas of the body.

The lack of an impressive layer of tone, hides the flaws of the epidermis, allows skin to “breathe” despite the presence of makeup. This property provides the absence on the face of the “venous network” after rinsing.

Second place in the composition, in law, is the wax in various combinations. This component ensures the safety of make-up even during prolonged exposure to moisture or direct sunlight or spotlight.

Experts say that the legendary Dermacol toner, loved by many generations of Russian consumers, universal and is perfect for shooting in the Studio and for outdoor “use” in the natural environment.

According to the Czech dermatologists, not just test products in laboratory conditions, and cosmetic products in Prague, this brand has the most natural Ph and not able to have a negative impact.

Product properties

On the basis of information declared by the manufacturer, it becomes clear that the cream is designed for maximum “retouching” external flaws and give skin a natural, healthy Shine. Based on the experience of leading experts in the world of beauty, we can identify several areas in which “work” Make-up cover:

Visual rectification of circles and bags under the eyes — a constant companion of most of the fairer sex.

Reliable concealment of freckles and age spots both on the face and in the neck area and décolleté.

Helps disguise the scars and scars — often “satellites” of acne.

Create a natural finish. The undoubted advantage that sets this cream among other, is the lack of Shine and visual “weight”.

Thanks to the wide palette of toning Dermacol make-up is perfect for every look and skin type.

Even prolonged use of Foundation is not able to cause redness, peeling or the formation of “venous network” on the face.

Goes well with a variety of “bases” and other as medical and decorative cosmetics.

A high level of sun protection, the manufacturer says this feature at level 30, allows you to use Dermacol Make-up with long-term exposure to the sun.

Has excellent water-repellent properties.

More details about the composition and properties of the Foundation and to see it in action, you can use photo and video materials, posted on the website of the official supplier.

How to protect yourself from buying fakes

As practice shows, the popularity of BB cream Dermacol Make-up was the cause of the appearance on the market of cosmetic products fakes. Unlike the original production, “leftist” not only will not provide the desired effect, but also can provoke acute allergic reactions, which can negatively affect both the skin and the body.

To distinguish an original from a fake note on these photos.

The original box the product has a convex letters.

The color of the tube is more saturated.

By purchasing the original from the official representative consumer is not only confident in the quality of the product, but also can count on nice discounts and bonuses, significantly reducing the cost of the product. Delivery is carried out throughout Russia.

To find out how much a real legendary cream Dermacol, go to the official website:


Method of application

Many girls who have decided to try this cosmetic product “in the business”, interested in how to apply cream Foundation Dermacol. Makeup artists claim to evenly distribute the tone, it is necessary to use special cosmetic sponge.

Quite a few drops of cream evenly distributed across the surface of the epidermis hammered movements. You can also use a makeup brush. The cream should be applied in accordance with the massage lines. A stunning result is guaranteed!

It is worth noting that to apply a cream concealer is recommended on clean, degreased skin. For these purposes, perfect special cosmetic lotions.

Indications and contraindications to the use of

Experts in the field of makeup is recommended to use the cream Dermacol developed both for stage makeup and everyday use to:

  • visual correct the serious defects on the skin, including scars;
  • “retouching” dark circles under the eyes;
  • create a protective film required for several days after the “deep cleaning” of the face, exfoliation or peeling;
  • as a base tone for hypersensitive and prone to skin rashes;
  • visual eliminate deep wrinkles and give the face a natural hue.

Despite the hypoallergenic properties Dermacol, dermatologists identify a number of complications that the use of the emulsion, as with any decorative cosmetics, involving direct skin contact, is strictly prohibited:

  1. The presence of deep open wounds.
  2. Idiosyncrasy paraffin components.
  3. The presence of suppurating ulcers of different etiologies.

Coloring palette Dermacol the Make-Up

Wide range of colors is another significant plus the Bank of Prague cosmetic products manufacturer. Concealer Make-up cover from Dermacol is no exception. The palette is represented by a variety of tones and potanov allows you to choose the Foundation based on individual features: hair color, eyes, General type of appearance. The cream is manufactured in 13 tint variations. Starting with very light, the palette is gradually moving towards a brown tone.Experts say that to achieve maximum naturalness, different shades can be mixed with each other, observing the intensity control of the coating depending on the area of application or the nature of the image.

Many ladies who decided to buy the tool ask the question: “How to choose your tone of cream Dermacol?”. Makeup artists say that you first need to focus on their race.

Most popular for Slavic women shades tone cover for the face of Dermacol:

Dermacol the Make-Up: reviews

Better than any eloquent statements concerning product quality, the cream Dermacol to ask women who have already become familiar with it. Among them are enthusiastic and laudatory and negative, most of them caused by buying poor quality products.

Many women, by the nature of the activities associated with the ongoing work under the gun photo and video cameras note that this tinted cream does not create flickering effect, giving the skin as natural as possible.

In the Internet you can find a lot of reviews of girls that use Dermacol as a daily tone or makeup base, which also was pleased with the effect. Foundation not only hides the flaws of the skin, whether it is scars, enlarged pores or dark spots, but also can withstand for a long time use (24 hours).

Some of the consumers celebrate amazing super water-resistant properties Dermacol. Getting on the skin, “retouched” stable tone cream for face Dermacol make-up, liquid drops literally rolled off the face without damaging the makeup.

Regardless of the type of activity and frequency of use, women who buy original products on the official website of the vendor, note that in the process of using cream side effects was not identified.

Photo reviews:


Your skin always looks noticeably refreshed, evens the complexion and problem areas and blue-purple circles under the eyes, visually disappear. It should be noted that during long-term use of no effect “venous network” arising in connection with the clogging of pores cosmetics.

Negative reviews about products Dermacol, for the most part, associated with buying fakes to third-party resources or individual intolerance to the components of the tool.

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