Slim Shapewear – a perfect figure camisole combidress

Slim Shapewear body shirt also – the thing that should be in the wardrobe of every women. This accessory will help you to look much slimmer, he’s cleaning the folds on the hips, makes your tummy flat and raises the chest.

Any woman wearing such clothes, you can wear the most revealing outfits to feel slim, beautiful and toned. Use Slim Shapewear can be, as a passive way of struggle against excess weight and also get rid of related problems: puffiness, sagging skin, cellulite.


Slim Shapewear made of special breathable material. It includes the fibers of bamboo, which allow air to penetrate through the fabric. The product consists of modern and natural material, which is impregnated with a special substance. In its composition contains microscopic capsules with additives. They saturate the skin with beneficial components during contact with her. It promotes weight loss.

Special impregnation affects the problematic areas. Due to these properties, gradually losing weight. Excess fluid from the body break down fat. Elastic inserts at the chest and abdomen good hold and pull. They improve the bust line, increase it to 2 sizes.

Shapewear Slim Shapewear allows you to:

  • to tighten and reduce the abdomen;
  • to lift and enlarge Breasts;
  • to improve posture;
  • to give a beautiful shape to the buttocks.


This linen is meant mostly curvy ladies. Body shirt also will help to transform the shape instantly, without dieting and exercise. Thanks to him, you will be able to wear clothes 3 sizes smaller, the waist will become a lot thinner.

Also Slim Shapewear will allow you to achieve the following effect:

  • the body will become slender and smooth;
  • clothes will look a lot better;
  • hide the problem areas;
  • emphasize the waist, chest, hips.

Material linen allows air to penetrate freely, the body will breathe. In winter it is not cold and summer is not hot. The fabric is very soft, does not cause allergies and irritation.

The advantages of Slim underwear Shapewear:

  • pleasant to the touch, almost not felt on the body;
  • material ensures your skin;
  • thin invisible straps that are not visible;
  • the fibres affect trouble spots to help get rid of cellulite and even excess weight;
  • its use allows to improve your posture, change your body for the better, to get rid of fat;
  • the seams do not press into the skin.

For the comfort of customers, the manufacturer offers several options for Slim Shapewear:

  • assorted colors – black, grey, Nude;
  • straps come in thin or wide;
  • the lower part of lingerie can be of different lengths;
  • corrective insert of different density.

With continued use of corrective combidress Slim Shapewear such changes occur:

  • chest rises and rises;
  • waist is much thinner, the belly flat, and sexy buttocks;
  • hips acquire a appetizing forms;
  • excess fluid from the body, fats are burnt.
By wearing this lingerie is pulled to the stomach, shaped waist line, firmer thighs, improves posture. In the end, after stopping its use, a man accustomed to walk with straight back.

Be sure to choose the linen in size. If it will be hard to fit, it will decrease the effect, there will be a feeling of discomfort. May cause irritation and disturbance of the circulatory system.

Body shirt also Slim Shapewear is a great accessory that helps any woman look beautiful and slim and to lose weight without dieting and improve your figure. With him any clothing looks much more effective.


Body shirt also Slim Shapewear wear at any time of the day, wear it with underwear. Seamless technology of production allows to use it with any garment.

Slim Shapewear will suit for different clothes, even under a very thin dress. But we must remember that it is not intended for daily wear, you need to take breaks. Also, it should be removed at night.

You need to frequently wash body shirt also as it is of underwear, which causes sweating in problem areas. Ensure that the product is always in perfect condition, you need to use it correctly, during the washing process to only include a delicate cycle, do not iron.


To choose the linen should be strictly on size, to put it lightly. Must be the slimming effect. In order not to leave clues on the fabric, wearing linen carefully. Before doing this it is necessary to remove rings and jewellery:

  • Body shirt also need to stretch the belt.
  • On the thighs and sides to hold the product.
  • For convenience, you can wear seamless panties.
  • To pull gradually, smoothing all the creases.
  • To lock a chest using the straps.


Despite the advantages of Slim Shapewear underwear, there are some limitations to its use:

  • not recommended for problematic skin;
  • if you have allergic reaction, eczema, rash;
  • you can’t wear, if poor blood circulation;
  • it is forbidden to use if there are various injuries or burns, wounds;
  • contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation;
  • it is impossible to wear it for hypertension and heart disease;
  • do not want to use adolescents under 18 years of age, it can disrupt the formation of the body.


On the market there is a large variety of slimming underwear. Not always guarantee that the product will last a long time, will not stretch and will not spread.

In order to deal with poor quality goods Slim Shapewear is best to book on the official website of the distributor. Especially since there are often held shares, during which body shirt also can be purchased at a bargain price – only 990 rubles.


Anatoly, General practitioner, Moscow, Russia.
“My colleagues and I have conducted interviews and tests slimming underwear Shapewear Slim. Studies have proven the efficacy of this product. With frequent use, the weight really goes away, problem areas are corrected, the body becomes more toned. The massaging effect of the fabric helps to get rid of excess fat, tightens the stomach. Recommend to use in the absence of contraindications and health problems. It is necessary to observe precautions and rules of maintenance of the products. Nice to see a slim, elegant and fit women in beautiful outfits.”


Natalia, 45 years old, Astrakhan, Russia.
“A very good friend recently purchased a Slim Shapewear. When I saw her at the party in a tight dress, just do not know. The figure looked amazing – flawless waist and a sexy shape. Although she was never skinny. Body shirt also is a real miracle. I ordered the same. Now I can buy nice outfits and not think about the hanging belly. Thanks to the producers! Recommend to all ladies with curvaceous”.
Maria, 40 years old, Yaroslavl, Russia.
“Accidentally on the Internet, stumbled on advertising Slim Shapewear, decided to buy. The package came on time as promised. Tried on and could not believe my eyes, it’s a lot slimmer. Increased Breasts, hips become smaller, the dress fits like on the model. Everything is fine! I am very happy! And the price is wave available. If there is no time to go to the gym and dieting is the most suitable option to improve the shape”.

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