Slim Shapewear

Instantly hide figure flaws, align posture and improve the appearance can special corrective Shapewear Slim body shirt also. Overview an indispensable item in every woman’s wardrobe contains information about how clothes, appearance, contraindications, price, etc. details.

What is Slim Shapewear

The beauty market today is replete with a variety of tools that help to reduce weight, to adjust the waist, to reduce hips, etc. non-standard view of things has allowed scientists to invent breeches for weight loss, corset, contributing to the formation of a “wasp waist”, even special posture corrector. But to get the expected result from using the above things need time. Even the most effective way to give shape to the desired shape requires 2-3 weeks.

But what if slim way need today? What if signing a lucrative contract depends not only on acceptable contract terms, but a spectacular appearance of signatories? What if the man of your dreams has appointed a day, and you still stick out the sides and visibly tummy? If compliance of the proverb “meet on clothes…” depends on the success of the interview about the job? In these and other cases need a quick correction of the silhouette, which can not cope any drinks or sprays, or even a specially designed low-calorie diet.Here come to the aid of the only shapewear.

Body shirt also Slim Shapewear will instantly hide all figure flaws, tighten skin, align posture and allow you to get into clothes several sizes smaller. This unique apparel will raise the self-esteem and magnify you in the eyes of other people.

How does

Special design and quality material is not only visually slimming, but also adjust your shape.

Action combidress aimed at:

  1. Hips. Wearing unique items reduces the volume of the thighs, gives them the correct form, saves it from appearing under normal fitting clothes cellulite plaques;
  2. Buttocks. Appetizing protruding parts of the body tightened. Flat buttocks become more rounded, large decrease in size, visually appear to be more elastic;
  3. Chest. Sewn the bodice slightly lifts the bust. The impression that he grew up on the 1-2 size. Very large Breasts become more tidy, not hanging. Its rounded shape is artfully underlined.
  4. The stomach. A protruding stomach is superbly drawn. Wrinkles become invisible. Sides completely disappear. The waist is narrowed, smooth appear, clearly visible line of X-shaped silhouette.
  5. The upper part of the body. Pleats at back and under arms also drawn. The figure becomes more feminine, like an hourglass.
  6. Posture. Slimming effect makes the back gradually aligned. To walk hunched it would be embarrassing. Thanks Slim Shapewear will come back to you natural grace.

In addition to the retractor and corrective effect body shirt also also exerts a slimming effect. The special fabric from which made underwear, allows you to:

  • to get rid of fat;
  • to break cellulite patches, thus eliminating the “orange peel” on the legs;
  • forever to form a good posture;
  • to avoid sagging of the breast (age or because of feeding baby);
  • to improve the condition of the skin in areas in contact with the linen.
Slim Shapewear lifts the bust, sexy accentuates the waist, hides the fat accumulation in different areas (back, abdomen, flanks), maintains posture, models the shape of the buttocks and the upper area of the feet.

Looks like spanx, composition

Externally slim Shapewear like closed one-piece swimsuit combined with short shorts. At the top rests on the body with adjustable straps. Special bodice, embedded in the garment produces the famous push-up effect. Thanks to him, the bust looks more voluminous increased by 1-2 sizes. The breast becomes much sexier, more attractive.

The loin is surrounded by a dense elastic tissue, is able to involve the abdomen, flanks, forming a smooth waistline. Even women with is Apple mill, being in kombidressy will be able to boast of a waist.

Back panel removes wrinkles and keeps your posture even.

Elastic insert adjacent to the buttocks, raise them, modeling the desired shape priests. Small rounded buttocks visually large is a bit involved.

The composition of the material from which is made a corrective thing, helps to achieve amazing results. It is made of innovative synthetic material with microcapsules. Contact with the external human skin stimulates the disclosure of the capsules. They begin to saturate the skin with nourishing components. If you daily carry a product, the stagnant liquid and solidified fat is gradually removed from the body. Skin remains moisturized, firmer and more silky.

Fabric designed in Europe to European standards, perfectly passes air. Does not irritate the skin, does not cause discomfort. A snug fit ensures the effect of “invisible” — a tight piece of clothing not visible under tight-fitting dresses, pants, turtlenecks. Seams are absent. The material does not wrinkle, no rubbing. It is possible to do daily chores, even going to the gym.

Shapewear helps Slim lose weight 1-2 sizes. With it, you can wear the clothes which previously only dreamed of.

How to wear underwear

To wear shapewear Shapewear can Slim naked body. The manufacturer is not prohibited under it to pry panties. Bra you don’t need as body shirt also sewn in cups, perfectly support the bust. Your actions:

  • grasping the belt;
  • insert first one leg, then second holes in my shorts;
  • gently pull the shorts on the legs;
  • then negativite thing on the pelvis, hips, abdomen;
  • pass the hand into the holes, framed by the straps;
  • attach the bodice to the breast;
  • smooth slim Shapewear the body.

You can wear it under almost any things: light dresses, jeans, t-shirts, business suits, evening dresses. It should be noted that mini-skirts and cropped maximum dresses can show part combidress (shorts). Keep this in mind when preparing to exit.

Who is

It is known that the shape of all women can be divided into five types: the “hourglass” circle (or Apple), triangle (or pear), inverted triangle (or V-shape), rectangle (or N-form). In accordance with your type body shirt also able to correct inherent flaws.

  1. Circle, rectangle. The main problem with these figures is the lack of waist. Linen is able to visually highlight it.
  2. Inverted triangle (pear). The main problem of big hips. Slim Shapewear will involve them. It will remove the “breeches” (or “ears”), disproportionate protrusions.
  3. Women “triangles” thing visually highlight the chest and waist. Lift the buttocks, therefore the hips will not be very evident.
  4. “Hourglass” body shirt also accentuate all the charm and smooth out obviousa region.

Wear a modern innovation is not more than 6-8 hours in a row. To maintain muscle tone and not to disrupt the blood supply of the body, is recommended during the day periodically to do light exercises.

Shapewear Slim Shapewear is a universal wardrobe element, forming a perfect a-line silhouette. Suitable for all types of women. Help each of the fairer sex to appear slim and attractive.

How to care

To body shirt also has served your purpose as long as possible, it is important to remember a few rules:

  1. Do not expose slim Shapewear extreme high and low temperatures. The product is afraid of the Ironing. If you can’t do without, set the iron at minimum temperature.
  2. Do not give to the dry cleaners.
  3. Do not bleach.
  4. As linen will constantly be in contact with the body, it will need to be washed often. Do it manually, preferably with soap and water. If machine washing can not be avoided, set sparing mode without pressing.
  5. It is also recommended to Unscrew by hand.
  6. Drying thing better in a natural way.
By following these simple recommendations, you will save a body shirt also in its original form for a long time. Important: before first wearing be sure to wash it with soap and water.


The material hides flaws robe, hypoallergenic. Non-toxic, does not cause irritation. In spite of the full compatibility with the human skin, you should consult with your physician before using this product if you have:

  • hypersensitive immune system (a common Allergy);
  • chronic skin disease;
  • burns, deep wounds;
  • swelling;
  • varicose veins;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system (angina, arrhythmia, ischemia);
  • Oncology;
  • chronic pain in the digestive tract.
Spanx for pregnant women are contraindicated. Adolescents who have not fully formed organism (skeleton), the constant wearing of corrective clothing is also not desirable.


Buy Slim Shapewear in different countries. Reasonable price attracts buyers from:

Separately you have to pay shipping. Its value is determined by the distance of your location, pricing policy of the carrier.

Where to buy

To avoid scams, selling substandard fake goods worth buying Shapewear Slim body shirt also from an authorized distributor. He cares about his reputation, therefore, monitors the quality of outgoing Laundry. Negative reviews about Slim Shapewear occur because of the high incidence of counterfeit. When choosing a seller beware!

To order correction of combines, you need to leave the application on the official website of the implementer. After a time you will contact the Manager. With it, you will be able to discuss the sizes, shipping methods and other questions you may have.

Payment occurs after receipt of the goods the number of bill of lading (it’ll send the Manager of the company), which will protect you from “pig in a poke.” Authorized distributor guarantees the quality, your privacy, right of return.

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