SOMATODROL Supplement – What is it?

Somatodrol is a dietary supplement in capsules, encouraging the rise of fat burning muscle mass and decreasing fatty tissue.

The preparation includes 3 complexes, which mutually support each other.

Compounded complexes intensify anabolic processes, support the increasing of the most anabolic hormone - testosterone and increase fat burning, thanks to that muscles become more visible.


Composition in portion 2 capsules:.


TST FACTOR - 206.6milligrams

DAA (D-asparagic acid): 200 milligrams

Zinc: 6.6milligrams

Cayenne pepper 4:1 (capsaicin 0,2mg): 90mg

Niacin: 6 mg

Vitamin B6:0.6 milligrams

The product comprises three complexes whose elements behave differently. So let us examine every one of them in turn, and let us check what science tells us about them.


The first complex described in the composition is GRTH FACTOR. As its name suggests, the compounds used in it affect the muscle mass development and intensification of anabolic procedures. Is this actually true? Let's check it.

Beta-alanine is an amino acid commonly used by many athletes of most sports disciplines. Its activity was supported by many scientific studies, which have proven that muscle power has increased. The results are unequivocal - beta-alanine is an exceptional training aid. Why? Due to this, the carnosine degree in the muscles increases, making it feasible to neutralize the lactic acid generated during the exercise.

As a result, you feel exhaustion more gradually and your operation increases during training. However, does beta-alanine also affect anabolic processes?

The reply to this question can be provided by experience, the aim of that was to check how the supplementation of the chemical affects the makeup of the human body.

The evaluation was carried out on wrestlers, among which one of the groups consumed 400 mg of beta-alanine per day (this is precisely the amount contained in one portion of Somatodrol). After 8 months, fatty tissue decreased by 0.9% using a simultaneous growth in fat-free muscle mass of 0.5kg.

The outcomes imply that beta-alanine contributes to anabolism and consequently to increased muscle synthesis.

Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate is a powerful nitric oxide booster, which increases blood vessels and is felt to be a feature "muscle pump". The nutrients are supplied to the muscles to a greater extent, which lets you exercise more and more effectively.

Popular AAKG is a gelatinic acid derivative along with arginine. In this form it is not accidental - alfacetoglutaran raises arginine bioavailability due to inhibition of its own decay. This makes its action even more powerful than that of pure amino acid.

What's your relation to the accession of arginine part of the second Somatodrol complicated? It's time to take a better look at the activity of this amino acid.

In one of those experiments, it was examined how arginine supplementation influences selected parameters of male body composition. Tested for 2 months, they trained under consumed and load a preparation containing the amino acid in question. Following the end of the period of time for the study, an increase of 1.69 kg in fat free muscle mass was detected, with a decrease of 0.79 percent in fat content (0.25 kg).

Arginine has also been proven to improve the synthesis of growth hormone (GH), probably due to inhibition of secretion of somatostatin (hormone, which blocks the production of GH). This causes intensification of anabolic procedures, greater utilization of amino acids for synthesis and decrease in protein breakdown.

II. TST Element

The second complex comprised in Somatodrol is the chemicals influencing the raising of the testosterone level. Thanks to these, it is likely to naturally boost the concentration of hormone without the use of prohibited doping sports. The significance of testosterone does not have to be persuaded - it strengthens the building of muscle mass, increases stamina and endurance, enhances well-being and has a beneficial effect on the efficacy of your exercises.

However, do exactly the compounds in the complicated actually increase the amount of testosterone? Let's check what information the research presents.

It's an amino acid formed as a result of the transformation of L-asparagic acid, which naturally occurs in meals. Actually, however, you may need to consume several kilos of meat in order to feel its impact at least to some minimal degree. That's why you are able to find its pure form from many nutritional supplements.

D-asparagic acid was recognised for many years as a natural stimulant of testosterone secretion, and this is a great alternative to banned materials and methods in game.

To determine to what extent that the DAA raises the level of this hormone, an experiment was performed in which 23 participants used a D-asparagic acid prep. After 6 days, serum testosterone concentration increased by 15.5 percent (0.7ng/ml) and after 12 days by 42.2% (1.9ng/ml). After a span of 3 days after conclusion of this supplementation, the testosterone value marginally decreased to 28.9 percent (1.3ng/ml) higher than the one observed at the beginning of the study.


This element is the next element contained in the TST FACTOR complicated. It is frequently underestimated, and it's a shame. It accelerates wound healing, supports immunity, cares for skin, hair and nails, participates in fat, protein and carbohydrate transformations, raises intellectual fitness. These are just a few of its benefits.

For many decades now, it's also been mentioned how important it's to keep a correct testosterone concentration. This will be best illustrated by the next study.

The experience was divided into 40 men aged between 20 and 80 decades, all of them consisting of 2 parts. In the first group, changes in testosterone affects were tested because of decrease in the total amount of zinc supplied (at a younger group), whereas in the second category, it was determined what impact on the concentration of the examined hormone will be exerted by supplementation of the discussed element (in the elderly group with a small absence of zinc). The results were surprising.

In the first portion of the experimentation, testosterone levels decreased increasingly more over time. Its level decreased in the baseline of 39.9nmol/l into 23.5nmol/l after 8 weeks and 10.6nmol/l after 20 weeks. This means that at the end of the evaluation the serum hormone material decreased by as much as 73.4%!

In the next stage, the zinc supplementation following 3 months resulted in an increase of testosterone concentration into 14.2 nmol/l and 16nmol/l worth after 6 months (at the time of this evaluation: 8.3nmol/l).


The last complex contained in Somatodrol is meant to intensify the procedures resulting in fat burning. The combination of those compounds is designed to guarantee rapid fat loss, thanks to which the muscles will become more visible and nicer scratched. Let us take a closer look at the components of FAT REDUCTION MATRIX.

It is obtained from hot pepper (cayenne), which is dried and later they'd. Among its natural ingredients is capsaicin, which is responsible for the characteristic sharp flavor of paprika.

Along with its broad array of programs, cayenne pepper also contributes to weight reduction. It intensifies metabolism and increases thermogenesis, leading to increased heat generation. The body, attempting to compensate for the losses, starts to burn off its own reserves coming largely by fatty tissue.

Some also demonstrate that the utilization of cayenne pepper reduces hunger for high-calorie snacks.


It's one of those plants that can produce caffeine in substantial quantities. Due to its synthesis guarana has a stimulating effect, reduces fatigue and enhances concentration.

Guarana also has a weight reduction effect, although it hasn't been completely investigated how closely. Most probably, just like cayenne pepper, it triggers a rise in body temperature, which is associated with a higher energy expenditure. The result is reduced hunger and increased burning of fat reserves.

NIACIN (vitamin B3)

Vitamin B3's effect on fat burning has not been completely explained. It probably makes it easier to release energy from fat, which makes it more likely to burn off the body. This enables you to maintain metabolic changes, appropriate digestive procedures and muscle tension.

As in the case of niacin, the mechanisms leading to fat loss have not yet been precisely described. This is most likely due to its contribution to carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. Accelerated metabolism results in reduced fat deposition and increased energy creation. Some also indicate that vitamin B6 can trigger the secretion of thyroid hormones, which additionally boost metabolism.

Vitamin B12 accelerates metabolism and leads to burning fatty tissue in a number of possible ways. One of them is to facilitate using fat for energy functions. But this is not the only way that cyano-cabalamine is very likely to get the job done. Vitamin B12 (similarly to nitric oxide) is included in the production of red cells (erythrocytes), which can be accountable primarily for oxygen transfer. Reducing their content will reduce the rate of metabolic and energy transformations and reevaluate the procedures which take place with the use of oxygen (like fat burning).

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