Vivalgus a simple method for the treatment of hallux valgus

Vivalgus — a simple method for the treatment of hallux valgus

Vivalgus designed for outdoor applications, available in the form of cream. Created from natural ingredients, has no contraindications, except individual intolerance components. Shown for use in hallux valgus any stage. Compatible with other methods of treatment.

Buy Vivalgus of valgus without a prescription and visiting a pharmacy. It is inexpensive, since implementation is the manufacturer. The product has a deep penetrating ability that prevents progression of the disease. Treatment with Valgus simple and not traumatic.

Valgus is a common form of deformation of the stop

Can be congenital or acquired. Develops when the transverse flat feet, wearing uncomfortable shoes. Most of valgus in women who prefer high heeled shoes. Pathology is diagnosed when the apparent bulging of the big toe joint of the foot.

Accompanied by the deformation of pain, often develops inflammation and swelling. Vivalgus able to eliminate the cause and symptoms of the disease. Treatment will allow to avoid surgical intervention, to restore the anatomic shape of the foot. After using the cream you will again be able to wear closed shoes.

The purpose of the cream

The ability of the drug complex influence on the focus of the problem is confirmed in the opinions of doctors about Vivalgus from hallux valgus. Rich concentrate is used to:

  1. to reduce pain;
  2. the correction of transverse flatfoot;
  3. restore the integrity of the skin;
  4. elimination of the inflammatory process, the symptoms;
  5. restore the normal position of the joint and bone size.

Course application of the cream combats the causes of disease. At low cost Vivalgus helps to get rid of bunions on the big toe, improve blood circulation, increase local immunity. Its application stops the progression of the disease.

Use natural ingredients

Despite the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the value of natural medicinal raw materials increases. It is safe for the body and easy to digest, and for that reason the Vivalgus from the lump on the leg are:

  • Melissa, soothing tissue;
  • Echinops, removes inflammation and pain;
  • Ginkgo biloba, accelerate blood circulation;
  • carnation, contributing to the resolution of edema;
  • the antlers, which enhances the local immunity;
  • seeds sirica, has anesthetic effects;
  • body care products, nourishing and replenishing the cells.

These components are part of an ancient Chinese prescription used in valguse.

How does Vivalgus

Use the cream as part of the course contributes to the fast relieving of unpleasant sensations. Deciding to buy a cream Vivalgus from hallux valgus, rest assured that the swelling and inflammation will disappear within weeks. Walking a few days after beginning therapy will be quite painful. A gradual decrease in cones is observed during the month. In parallel, the body will increase the immunity. Improved blood flow and tissue nutrition helps to restore the integrity and smoothness of the skin.

Usage tips

A quick start guide to Vivalgus from deformation of the foot:

  1. to steam of a foot;
  2. apply the cream on the problem area;
  3. make a short light massage to increase blood flow.

To apply the tool must twice a day during the month. Reviews about the cream Vivalgus of valgus confirm that subject to the recommendations it contributes to the absolute restoration of the anatomical shape of the feet.

Testing of the product

The biocomplex was tested in the laboratory. In the conclusion of experts is that it is completely safe for people without allergies to the components of the composition. In stationary conditions obtained evidence of its effectiveness: 98% of subjects were cured valgus. Real reviews about natural product Vivalgus from the bones in the foot do not allow to doubt this figure.

The advantages of vitacreme

Advantages of the invention are:

  • efficiency. The tool gets rid of inflammation, bumps, complications of the disease;
  • price. If you know where to buy authentic Valgus of valgus, you can save money;
  • the lack of adverse reactions and contraindications. The natural composition is safe for health;
  • the ease of use. The use of the cream won’t take much time, will not bring discomfort.

The product will quickly eliminate the pain, by facilitating the process of walking in closed shoes.

Recommendation of a podiatrist

Valgus not always can be cured only through surgery. Such a measure is acceptable in extreme cases. When severe pain and swelling it is advisable to order cream Valgus, which acts as an anesthetic, anti-inflammatory agent. Course the use of the drug helps to normalize the size of the bones of the big toe. Treatment is inexpensive and painless.

How to order

Because the pharmacy to buy cream Valgus not, the goods need to look on the website of the manufacturer. Delivery will take up to 2 weeks, its cost is calculated separately by the postal carrier. The optimal price means Vivalgus from bumps and growths are presented for only this resource.

The price of Vivalgus should be clarified on the website of the manufacturer.

Buy Vivalgus in the official store.

Reviews about the cream Valgus


“Working in the salon all day on my feet, and they are heels. Got these horrible bumps. Cleaned them with Vivalgus”.


“In my family we all have hallux valgus. Only my grandmother agreed to the operation. The rest used different drugs. I Valgus”.


“I’m glad that there is such a cream. Walking was incredibly painful, nothing helped, including compresses. And with it, the cones are already almost not visible”.

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